Like sands through the hourglass, these are the weights and my thighs

I’ve been following the progress of a writer I follow/girl crush who has bravely posted her weight-loss journey on her blog in painful detail. Heidi rocks.

Heidi Swift’s Grit and Glimmer

Weight is always a touchy subject for the womens. We like to talk a big game about healthy body image, but secretly wish to be thinner at the same time. Being “average” or “okay with yourself” is great…for other people.

Athletic women are no more immune to body image issues. Not only do we wanna look great, but lower body fat does correlate to improved performance. Look at photos of Marianne Vos from a couple of year ago. The featherweight physique we see today was very different then. It’s probably only a 15 lb. difference but on a woman’s body, that’s a lot. Now, she’s practically unbeatable. So as female athletes, if we’re flinging 20% body fat around, we’re failing on two fronts, not just one.

I’ve always straddled that line between fit-looking and not. I’ve most stayed on the fit side, but it doesn’t take much to push me over the edge. The shit spiral of the last couple of months has pushed me to the point where I can’t even see the edge anymore. My activity is down, my weight is up, and I don’t recognize myself anymore. I’m to the point where I need to work just to be back to mediocrity. It’s time to stop screwing around.

I’m not a well-known writer and don’t have the riding pedigree of a Heidi Swift – no one is going to give a shit about my story. But I really admire the cohones it takes to lay bare something so personal and think it’s a pretty decent motivator for anyone. Put your shit out there for everyone to see — now that’s accountability.

So I’m gonna post my personal and highly embarrassing numbers for random Google searches to find. Let’s go!


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